Why Optical Franchising Is a Lucrative Business

Jan 7, 2020

Although now is a great time to join the optical industry, many qualified investors shy away from the opportunity because they worry their inexperience will keep them from succeeding. Partnering with an experienced franchisor like My Eyelab is a great way to start a new business with confidence. Why? We’ve already developed a business model, tools, and processes that have proven to be effective and highly-efficient, so our franchisees don’t need to be industry veterans. Read on to see why opening an optical shop franchise has the potential to grow into a lucrative business.

We’ll Show You How to Run Your Optical Shop Franchise

Many independent business owners struggle to identify best operational practices. My Eyelab has spent years streamlining our business model, and we’ll show you how to implement it effectively – we think you’ll find that you can even leverage your experience from other industries to help you run your new business. When you join our team, you’ll take part in a comprehensive initial training that provides critical insight, such as: :

  • What equipment you’ll need and how it’s used
  • The staff to hire
  • The jobs they do
  • Marketing your new business effectively
  • Record-keeping, billing, inventorying, and ordering

This ongoing support allows you to run your business with the confidence that you’re working within a time-tested system alongside industry experts who are invested in your business – a major benefit.

We’ve Curated a Range of Unique and In-Demand Services

Another reason that franchising has great potential to lead to a lucrative business is that your franchisor has already tested out their products and services in other areas, and they’ve been shown to be in-demand. That’s certainly the case with My Eyelab.

Our telehealth technology allows us to offer complete eye exams that go far beyond what our competition has to offer. Best of all, that technology allows us to take walk-ins and provide exams at lower prices than the competition. Furthermore, our strong relationships with eyeglass frame vendors allow our franchisees to purchase stylish frames at great prices.

As you can see, we’ve already done the job of working out an enticing range of products and services that give our franchisees a major competitive advantage. If you’re thinking of breaking into the optical industry, partner with My Eyelab and leverage the successful format we’ve already developed.

These are just a few of the reasons why franchising has the potential to build lucrative optical industry businesses.  Contact My Eyelab today to learn what it takes to get started.

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