The Many Advantages of Telehealth

Nov 5, 2019

You’ve probably heard the term “telehealth” used in the medical industry or as a feature at a medical practice. At My Eyelab, we utilize our innovative, proprietary, telehealth technology at all of our locations. Telehealth helps make our business model more scalable and efficient for franchisees. So, what exactly is telehealth and how does it benefit franchisees? We’ve broken it down for you:


Per, telehealth is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. Telehealth technologies include videoconferencing, the internet, streaming media and wireless communications.


Telehealth and telemedicine are terms that are commonly interchanged. The terms are considered synonymous and are used interchangeably to describe telecommunications technologies to support clinical eye care.


Telehealth provides multiple benefits to both franchisees and patients. These include:

  • Live Dialogue

Videoconferencing has given patients new opportunities to chat with optometrists in real-time via a monitor. With our model, My Eyelab patients can speak with a refractionist on the TV during an exam.

  • Patient-Friendly Services

With over 600,000 telehealth eye exams performed through our affiliated network, the My Eyelab franchise is designed for patient satisfaction. Patients are able to receive a complete eye health exam at their convenience, as a walk-in, same day, during lunch, in the morning, after 5 pm or on the weekend. The doctor is always “in”. The patient easily moves through their pre-tests and then undergo their eye exams from the comfort of an exam room with a live refractionist on screen. The doctor is then able to review patient results for their assessment and final prescription. Doctors are able to perform their assessment for multiple patients across several stores seamlessly. The eye exam experience is easy and efficient

  • A Scalable Model for Franchises

Our scalable model is designed to bring more satisfied patients through the My Eyelab doors on a more frequent basis. The telehealth approach limits the time patients spend waiting for their eye appointments and allows them more time to browse the wide assortment of stylish frames. Our systems ease record-keeping processes as patient records are automatically updated and entered into the EHR system while maintaining HIPPA compliance. Also, our systems provide consistency, reducing the potential for human error by using technology to document and verify prescriptions and patients’ histories.

  • Competitive Start-Up Costs

The initial investment for a single My Eyelab vision care franchise is between $407,477-$585,543. This includes a franchise fee of $34,000. Our automated services help lower franchisees’ operational costs. Because of our telehealth services, there is no need to hire an onsite optometrist, so the salary and hiring costs to a franchisee are lower than a typical optometry office model. Without an onsite lab, the costs of building your franchise are lower as well.


Don’t wait; invest in a My Eyelab franchise and deliver best-in-class eye care to patients in your community. Contact us today!

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