Optical Franchise Opportunities Are Growing While Other Industries Decline

Jan 14, 2020

Starting an eye care business is a great way to break into a booming industry. Optical franchise opportunities like ours are in high demand because people everywhere are in need of vision correction. This simple fact won’t change despite changes in the economy, making ours a relatively stable business.

People Everywhere Need Vision Correction

It’s estimated that 75% of American adults are in need of some form of vision correction. That’s a huge potential customer base, and these people can be found in virtually every community. For our franchisees, that means there’s no shortage of prospective customers from which to choose. Because this population will always be in need of eye exams and access to contact lenses or glasses, our industry is relatively resistant to recession – a bad economy doesn’t erase the need to see clearly!

The Industry is Growing

The eye care industry is projected to grow steadily through 2024. A number of factors are influencing that growth according to PR Newswire. First, new advancements in technology have made contacts more breathable than before, so more consumers are interested in making the switch from glasses. Additionally, glasses have become more fashionable, and people love being able to switch up their frames.

PR Newswire identified “one-stop solution shops” as a driving force in this growth. People love businesses like My Eyelab that allow them to access complete eye exams conveniently and affordably. They also love being able to pick up new glasses and contacts directly from our stores. As you can see, our optical franchise opportunity aligns with industry trends.

A Standout Brand

If you’re thinking of starting an eye care business, you need a brand that will stand out from the rest – after all, your customers have their choice of eye care providers. My Eyelab stands out in many respects.

First, we’re able to offer walk-in appointments at competitive prices. Our customers love that they can come in when it’s convenient for them and receive a comprehensive eye exam for a low price, even without insurance.

In addition to being a one-stop shop, we’re able to offer highly-competitive prices on frames thanks to the relationships we’ve built with vendors. My Eyelab customers are able to order stylish eyeglasses and comfortable contacts from our stores right after their appointment. Between the convenience and the cost savings, My Eyelab is already a favorite eye care provider in many communities.

Of course, we also work to simplify operations for our franchisees. Our business model has been streamlined for maximum efficiency, and prior industry experience is not required.

Ready to learn more about how our optical franchise opportunity stands out in this growing industry? Contact My Eyelab today!

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